Mar 312014

i ran across a bunch of shows by phil woods that i had downloaded in rapid succession.  that generally means that they were shows by yet another musician who i didn’t have much of and, often, someone whose name didn’t ring a bell (the latter being far from a select group, btw, which can be a bit embarassing in social situations).

anyway, here’s a show i downloaded in june 2011.  the comments by hamhen (the seeder) sum up the show nicely.  i wouldn’t mind chatting with hamhen sometime; he* is one of the seeders from whom i’ve downloaded enough shows to remember his handle!

* it seems a fairly safe bet that most follks on dime are male.  and such a specific pronoun (referring to one specific individual) can’t really be replaced with the unfairly maligned “they” (for multiple people only) or the truly awkward “he or she” (blech)

here’s another old one from phil woods, recorded in laren in 1969. toots thielemans sits in on three tracks, while woods lays out on “airegin”. the sound quality is quite good and certainly listenable though slighty muffled (obviously, the source tape did not age well). please check out the .mp3-ssample.

phil woods & his european rhythm machine-
phil woods (as), gordon beck (p), henri texier (b), daniel humair (dr), toots thielemans (harm*, g**).
laren (the netherlands), december 19, 1969.

disc one
1 freedom jazz dance
2 dyna-flowers
3 the unknown one
4 airegin*
5 blues**

disc two
1 who’s this who’s comin’*
2 i remember bird
3 riot

fm broadcast (exact lineage unknown, received in a cd-r trade)

sample:  d1 t04 airegin.mp3