Mar 182016

CD Front Inserti was listening to some stan tracey earlier today, until i put on a show with some bad distortion.  so i moved up the alphabet to stan getz and hit paydirt with this show from april 1960, in amsterdam,  that ‘frekem’ shared on dime back in oct 2010.  stan getz died back in 1991, but his daughter apparently maintains a website – check it out.

stan getz quartet
amsterdam, netherlands
10 april 1960

stan getz (ts), jan johansson (p), ray brown (b), ed thigpen (d);
johansson died in a car accident en route to a concert in 1968, 37 years of age.

track list:
01 station announcements
02 out of nowhere
03 the thrill is gone
04 lover come back to me
05 pammy’s tune
06 spring can really hang you up the most
07 gone with the wind
08 cherokee
09 station announcements

fm > tape > recording, tracking and editing wav file in audacity > cd-r > wav > tlh (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

audio quality: a- (fm)

original seeder comments:
as a closure of the so-called vara jazz week, “norman granz jatp presents the poll winners” concert packages took place in 1960 in the netherlands, both in the scheveningen kurhaus (set of evening concerts, 9 april) and in the amsterdam concertgebouw (set of after midnight concerts, so 10 april).

concerts of peterson/getz/miles (performing in that order) were broadcast live from scheveningen (miles) and from amsterdam (peterson). the amsterdam concert of getz was taped to be broadcast on a later date (because at the time there was no permission for live broadcasts after 1 am!).

the present tracks are from a re-broadcast i’ve taped some five or so years ago. i kept the opening and closing radio announcements by bassist hans mantel.


sample: t6 spring can really hang you up the most.mp3
download: (filefactory)

Mar 052014

i just reseeded this on dime, after a 7 year gap (i got a copy when “ricola” uploaded it in october 2007).  i was listening to it yesterday, and just had to post it!  the show was recorded almost a year after the oscar peterson trio (same lineup as here) lp “live and at its best”, a period and a lineup that really had all the cylinders firing.   and, being taped from fm, it’s a super recording.  it’s fairly long too, around 1:45… so enjoy

oscar peterson trio
ndr funkhaus (norddeutscher rundfunk)
hannover, germany
1 may 1965

oscar peterson -p;
ray brown -b;
ed thigpen -d;

cd 1

01 the lamp is low 7.12
02 witchcraft 4.55
03 you look good to me 7.29
04 have you met miss jones? 6.20
05 cubano chant 7.16
06 my one and only love 5.04
07 someday my prince will come 5.43
08 bess, oh where’s my bess – it ain’t necessarily so 7.19

cd 2

09 satin doll 7.00
10 ill wind 5.40
11 yours is my heart alone 8.30
12 whisper not 6.10
13 waltz for debbie 7.00
14 sposin’ 7.45
15 tricotism 10.30

source: fm > unknown recording equipment > tape > cd transfer > trade > cd > eac secure modus > flac frontend level 6 > flac

sample:  t10 ill wind.mp3