Nov 282018

to make space, i have been archiving some shows that i have only in video format and demuxing them.  here’s one that, somewhat unusually, had audio in a lossless format (still a large enough file!).  been a while since i’ve posted any miles davis up here.  and almost as long without listening to any of his music from this period, so giving this a good listen was a lot of fun.

it’s mostly a very good recording, but has a few issues:  first, volume drops (and lost one track, i think?) for a brief period in the middle.  second, while it played with no problem in foobar2000, the .flac & underlying .wav show up as corrupt or truncated.  third, it’s not tracked (i’ve arbitrarily provided a sample of the first 10 minutes, without regard to the music).  finally, the date is questionable: i think it may have been a day or two later, as far as i can tell from the internet, but i’ve left the date as it was.

miles davis
seattle center coliseum
bumbershoot festival
seattle, wa
4 sept 1987

miles davis – trumpet
kenny garrett – alto saxophone, flute
adam holzman – keyboards
darryl jones – bass
joseph “foley” mccreary – bass, guitar
ricky wellman – drums
mino cinelu – percussion

no setlist

tt 2:04:40

audio source: by mark severson
sony wmd6c dolby c
nak cm700 mini cardiod mics in hat
row 9 35ft, 10ft loc
maxell xliis

vhs transfer to dvd by yesvideo thru costco
audio transfered to 24 bit via audacity and sent to bruno for his magic touch
audio track built in sony vegas. synced in mkvmerge by lazyd

audio demux additional lineage:
as above > ffmpeg > standalone flac audio
flac was “truncated or otherwise corrupt” when tested with tlc. decoding also returned
errors. the file plays fine, despite the issues (at least in foobar2000).

shared on dime by “donegg” in aug 2016. audio demuxed by pete, nov 2018.
no setlist in the original seed. lineup is a guess posted on the dime tracker webpage) guess posted on the dime tracker webpage.

the original info file notes that the “first 15m35s missing from video. slideshow filler used. sync issues at times due to tape stretching”.
so there are probably some built-in audio issues.

sample: md 1987-09-04 1cam aud24 sample.mp3

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  2. Thanks for this Miles Pete – and thanks for all the work you’ve put in on the demuxing!!!

    • no problem. thing is: i don’t really watch the videos. so when they’re archived, they pretty much disappear from my radar. demuxing keeps the music available (and i can always dig out the video, if need be). it can be very confusing, though, when there are multiple audio streams and “which is better” is a bit of a conundrum.

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