Dec 122018

here’s a show by my current favorite trumpet player, avishai cohen, with his siblings.  this show was part of a 3-week tour of europe for the release of their (then) new cd “family“, released in may 2012 in europe (october 2011 in the us). they performed a number of tracks from the cd.  a great show, but i need to listen to yuval and anat a bit more too… this was shared by ‘tomyoungster’ on dime back in sept 2012.

the 3 cohens sextet
kulturzentrum schlachthof
bremen, germany
23 may 2012

the three cohens
yuval cohen, soprano saxophone
anat cohen, tenor saxophone & clarinet
avishai cohen, trumpet
yonathan avishai, piano
omer avital, bass
franck agulhon, drums

01 it could have been uganda (avishai cohen) 7:30
02 song without words (yuval cohen) 9:25
03 band intro 3:23
04 with the soul of the greatest of them all (avishai cohen) 13:11
05 family (avishai cohen) 8:16
06 shufla de shufla (avishai cohen) 7:27
07 beõeretz ahavati (moni amarilyo, arr. amt glen) 8:55
08 the mooche (edward kennedy ellington) 17:08
09 indiana (m.: james frederick hanley, t.: ballard macdonald) 4:25
10 freedom (yuval cohen) 17:08
11 tiger rag (dominic james “nick” larocca) 8:29

tt 1:45:17

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact
nordwestradio, globale dorfmusik live, 2012-09-16

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updates nov-2018, by pete:
renamed files from “chohen” to “chohen” & corresponding corrections to filenames in the .ffp checksum
file. added an .md5 checksum file. added this updated info file, including adding instruments to the
line-up and the track times and correcting the line up. the drummer is franck agulhon per yuval cohen’s
announcement in track 3, not jonathan blake as shown in the original info file. blake was with the
group 10-16 may 2012, and agulhon 17-25 may 2012.

sample: t02 song without words.mp3