Nov 192018

here’s another:  french violinist didier lockwood playing with one of my favorite pianists, antonio faraò (no, not french).  curiously, as i was putting this together here, separate shows by lockwood and faraò were shared on dime.  there’s another faraò show here on cipjazz, btw.

didier lockwood and antonio farao quartet
duc des lombards
paris, france
7 january 2013
early set

didier lockwood, violin
antonio faraò, piano
darryl hall, bass
jean-pierre arnaud, drums

setlist :

01- ut 10:44
02- presentation of the musicians by didier lockwood 1:34
03- theme for bond (af) 13:13
04- arabesco (af) 15:36
05- positive life (af) 15:25
06- ut 13:35
07- impressions (jc) 11:27

81 minutes

source : tsf (fm) / uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: t01.mp3

Mar 262018

sunday night… time for a singer…   this show was a few months after  “bright and sweet”, virginie teychené’s third album, was recorded in mid-february 2012.  i’ve listened to this from time to time since ‘kingfrippson’ shared it on dime back in april 2012.  a regular when i’m stocking up a usb thumb-drive for a trip.

the question is whether to get her latest album, “a detour into the land of French chanson“.  the earlier ones are more up my alley, but there’s a lot to be said for a good track record and for branching out.

i had a lot of trouble finding stéphane bernard (piano), gérard morin (double bass) and jean-pierre arnaud (drums) on the internet.  but they seem to be on all of virginie teychené’s albums (except j-p arnaud, who was not on the first).

btw, sorry for not updating the setlist — i’ve been meaning to for ages, but amn’t really in the mood for lyrics searches tonight, though these are all quite familiar (and probably on “bright and sweet”… just a guess ;-).

virginie teychené
jazz-up festival, salle des festivals
avoriaz, france,
3 april 2012

virginie teychené/ voice
stéphane bernard / piano
gérard maurin / double bass
jean-pierre arnaud / drums

01-     5:07
02-i got the blues     5:01
03-betty carter cover     4:18
04-i’m gonna to go fishin’    3:10
05-angel face     3:57
06-     4:45
07-     1:31
08-count basie cover     4:23
09-charlie mingus cover     3:32
10-charlie mingus lester young cover     5:08
11-     3:51
12-rat race     3:03
13-ut  3:19
14-virginie short french interview     2:00

tt 53:03

tsfjazz radio broadcast
dvb-s audio > zoom h1 > usb > computer magix audiocleanic > flac8
fade in/out because mc words and advertising

sample: t04 i’m gonna go fishin.mp3