Nov 152018

following on the last post, here’s a french group that i’d noted a few months ago (yet another long delay before really coming to my attention:  cosmikd shared this on dime, back in 2011; that’s two in a row from him, actually… let’s give a big shout out to cosmikd!).

it’s a disappointment that there’s no real jazz show, broadcasting concerts, left on the air here in ireland (though there is a little bit of jazz).

mourad benhammou & jazzworkers quintet
studio charles trenet, radio france
paris, france
15 october 2011

mourad benhammou (drums, direction)
fabien mary (trumpet) or on twitter
david sauzay (tenor sax, flute)
pierre christophe (piano)
michel rosciglione (double bass)

01 the smart set/king swing 8:05
02 perk’s snare 9:04
03 sweet georgia bright 6:04
04 with malice toward none 7:11
05 too short 5:55
06 moonglow 5:04
07 anna 7:03
08 rochelle/lil’ abner 7:52

tt 56:18

dvb-s > skystar2 > kaffeine (mp2 256 kbs, 48 khz) > ffmpeg (wav conversion) > wavelab > flac (level 8)
broadcast : jazz sur le vif, france musique, 29 oct 2011

sample: t05 too short.mp3

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  1. Uej8BR2kpR8wI0UhgHpDi32actGCCx8RkXAujp8jTyk

  2. HUGE THX!…

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