Nov 192018

here’s another:  french violinist didier lockwood playing with one of my favorite pianists, antonio faraò (no, not french).  curiously, as i was putting this together here, separate shows by lockwood and faraò were shared on dime.  there’s another faraò show here on cipjazz, btw.

didier lockwood and antonio farao quartet
duc des lombards
paris, france
7 january 2013
early set

didier lockwood, violin
antonio faraò, piano
darryl hall, bass
jean-pierre arnaud, drums

setlist :

01- ut 10:44
02- presentation of the musicians by didier lockwood 1:34
03- theme for bond (af) 13:13
04- arabesco (af) 15:36
05- positive life (af) 15:25
06- ut 13:35
07- impressions (jc) 11:27

81 minutes

source : tsf (fm) / uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: t01.mp3

Mar 082017

for some reason, antonio faraò is one of my favorite pianists, and though this great performance with hadrien feraud wasn’t what got me hooked, it easily could have been.  at one point, i thought (pace salieri) that there were just too many notes for him to be playing them all (it’s not just the number of notes, mind you).  and feraud’s no slouch either (speaking of which, listen for the faint voice around 11 mins into track 5…  🙂 ).  anyway, ‘jswetch’ shared this on dime in mid-2013.

antonio faraò trio
paris, france
18 aug 2009

antonio faraò-piano
hadrien feraud-electric bass
loïc pointeaux-drums

set one-
track 1-club intro 2:22
track 2- nardis- 13:22
track 3- unknown 12:17
track 4- unknown 8:24
track 5- unknown 16:46
track 6- monk tune 11:32

set 2-
track 7- unknown 15:27
track 8- unknown 17:20
track 9- unknown 4:43
track 10- maiden voyage 13:53
track 11- unknown 15:10
track 12- encore in a sentimental mood 6:47

lineage- audience capture on roland edirol r-09 as wav> wav to flac on tlh> tlh torrent creation> dime

seeder’s comments
terrific intro for me to the great pianist, antonio farao. a fine recording from a warm parisian summer night. went to this show to see feraud, who i knew from associations with john mclaughlin. farao and feraud are both masters of their instruments and most of the solos here are from them. pointeaux struck me as a serviceable drummer. overall feel of this is quite good. very high-level improvs and sensitivity throughout.
a 2nd encore was played of giant steps, but my batteries died just as the song started.
please help with any of the song titles, and be sure to support these artists by purchasing their commercially available releases.

sample: t06 monk tune.mp3

covers are original