Jun 182022

what a lineup!  b.sax, t.sax and organ!  i have no memory of this from when i downloaded it in march 2020, and you’d think that i would!  but then again that was a busy time, cancelling flights, learning to wear masks, and so forth.  anyway, glad this has been dredged up from the archive!

gary smulyan & ralph lalama organ quartet
duc des lombards
paris, france
march 9 2020

gary smulyan – baritone saxophone
ralph lalama – tenor saxophone
fred nardin – organ
bernd reiter – drums

01 hey luck, pt 1    ( 5:15)
02 hey luck, pt 2    ( 9:41)
03 lalama announcement    ( 0:19)
04 antigua (beginning cut)    (12:57)
05 title/smulyan announcement    (12:09)
06 an oscar for oscar (beginning cut)    (13:51)
07 lalama announcement    ( 0:17)
08 lover man/smulyan announcement    ( 6:34)
09 fifty six    (10:30)

71 minutes

tsf (fm) / pioneer f91 / edirol rh-09r / audacity / xact / flac

track names per comments on the dime tracker by jazzbike2.

sample: t05 unknown title 256k.mp3
download: GarySmulyan_RalphLalamaOrgan4tet_2020-03-09_ParisFrance.zip

photo: gary smulyan & ralph lalama at professor java’s, colonie, ny, in jan 2011. photo by rudy lu, downloaded from albanyjazz.com. used without permission.

  6 Responses to “gary smulyan & ralph lalama organ quartet – 9 mar 2020, duc des lombards, paris, france”

  1. lnygkngywj


  3. The beginning of the pandemic was a crazy time, to be sure, but think about it this way: how much better it might have been for you and everyone else if we’d had this available then!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Merci beaucoup, Pete!

  5. Thanks a lot, pete!

  6. Fantastic!

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