Jun 132022

this is very slow, maybe even wistful (ok, track 4 is definitely wistful).  kinda busy at the moment, but i really enjoyed listening to this show so here it is.

artists: ralph towner & paolo fresu
date: 2016-05-09
event: fiharmonia
venue: ck jazovia
localization: gliwice, poland

ralph towner: classic guitar
paolo fresu: trumpet & flugelhorn

01. annoucement
02. punta giara
03. tuning
04. wistful thinking
05. introduction & tuning
06. doubled up
07. tuning
08. as she sleeps
09. tammurriata
10. blue in green
11. introduction & tuning
12. zephyr
13. i fall in love to easily
14. tuning & introduction
15. chiaroscuro
16. introduction & tuning
17. the sacred place
18. summer’s end

tt: 84 min. 15 sec

taped, mastered, tracked, tagged by fekete.
have a nice listening 🙂

lineage: zoom h2 > 24/48 sd card > hdd > magix audio & music lab > flac16 > dime
some time ago one dimer posted this show from mp3 source, this one is from my original master. thanks to waterwheel for identify two songs.

sample: t10 blue in green 256k.mp3
download: RalphTowner_PaoloFresu_2016-05-09_GliwicePoland.zip

photo:  from the 2016 archive section of the filharmonia website, photo credited to michal buksa.  used without permission.

Nov 262021

here’s another show from the eponymous “dc”, upped on dime in 2014.  a lovely recording, i’m kinda surprised at “portable hitachi mono recorder, with manually set levels, and tdk conventional bias cassettes.”  ol’ dc knew their stuff, i guess!

the cellar door
washington, dc
16 october 1976

ralph towner – guitar,piano, tp
glen moore – bass, piano
collin walcott – percussion, sitar, tabla, cl
paul mccandless – bcl, oboe, eng, horn

1 applause (0:07)
2 ghost dance (10:41)
3 yellow bell (6:53)
4 tuning (0:58)
5 improvisation (9:04)
6 song for a friend (6:40)
7 tuning (0:58)
8 nimbus (7:46)
9 nn (6:12)

total time 49:18

made from the master cassettes

from “dc” our anonymous donor:
oregon, live at the cellar door, washington, dc, october 16, 1976, from the master cassette tapes. the recording was made from the first row of tables, near the low stage, using a portable hitachi mono recorder, with manually set levels, and tdk conventional bias cassettes. this transfer was made in 2013 by playing the master tapes (after the actual cassette reels and tapes were moved to new cassette shells) on an akai gx f31 cassette deck into a pc, where the signal was captured via goldwave. the channel with the strongest signal was copied and the copy was pasted into the opposite channel for true mono sound.

nov 2021: updated setlist and instruments played, from comment on dime tracker from the 2014 seed.

sample: oregon cellar door DC 08
download: Oregon_1976-10-16_CellarDoor_WashingtonDC.zip

image:  the image is the cd cover, from the full set of covers shared by ‘lauramareike’ via comments on the 2014 dime seed.