Jun 132022

this is very slow, maybe even wistful (ok, track 4 is definitely wistful).  kinda busy at the moment, but i really enjoyed listening to this show so here it is.

artists: ralph towner & paolo fresu
date: 2016-05-09
event: fiharmonia
venue: ck jazovia
localization: gliwice, poland

ralph towner: classic guitar
paolo fresu: trumpet & flugelhorn

01. annoucement
02. punta giara
03. tuning
04. wistful thinking
05. introduction & tuning
06. doubled up
07. tuning
08. as she sleeps
09. tammurriata
10. blue in green
11. introduction & tuning
12. zephyr
13. i fall in love to easily
14. tuning & introduction
15. chiaroscuro
16. introduction & tuning
17. the sacred place
18. summer’s end

tt: 84 min. 15 sec

taped, mastered, tracked, tagged by fekete.
have a nice listening 🙂

lineage: zoom h2 > 24/48 sd card > hdd > magix audio & music lab > flac16 > dime
some time ago one dimer posted this show from mp3 source, this one is from my original master. thanks to waterwheel for identify two songs.

sample: t10 blue in green 256k.mp3
download: RalphTowner_PaoloFresu_2016-05-09_GliwicePoland.zip

photo:  from the 2016 archive section of the filharmonia website, photo credited to michal buksa.  used without permission.

  3 Responses to “ralph towner & paolo fresu – 9 may 2016, ck jazovia, gliwice, poland”

  1. dszjnetzwa

  2. Hi Pete, Thanks for this and the Stanko, which I am eager to listen to given how little I know about his music…!!! There’s so much to listen to out there, which is wonderful, but also daunting…so I continue undaunted!!! Hope you’re well – been away so just writing this on my return…Cheers!!!

    • yeah, stanko is great. at one level, i’m fascinated by how a polish jazz musician from that era would have made it (you say “1960s soviet block”, i don’t think “jazz”, you know?); on the other, there’s so much to learn about it’s not made it to the pile of books next to the bed or the “things to read” bookmarks folder on the browser. the cream rises to the top, i suppose. and no, i don’t think there’s an unwritten history there, just not yet found by me. healthwise, i’m a total crock lately, but all transitory stuff like whacking the bejaysus out of my right knee & don’t really remember how i did it (no, drink is not involved in this story!).

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