Jun 052022

this might be a nice companion piece for this 1967 krzysztof komeda show with a much younger tomasz stanko.  nice to see things going around like that.  not anything that i’ve seen before since i don’t watch polanskiy’s films.  nice line up, too!  looking for this on the web, i did run across a jazz(ish) blog i’ve not seen before, musica degradata, who shared the show back in 2013 (dead link now).

tomasz stanko quartet plus gianluigi trovesi
“litania: krzysztof komeda’s music for roman polanski’s films”
parmajazz frontiere
parma, italy
7 dec 2003

tomasz stanko, trumpet
marcin wasilewski, piano
slawomir kuriliewicz, double bass
michal miskiewkz, drums
guest: gianluigi trovesi, alto sax & clarinets

1 – announcement    (0:25)
2 – litania    (5:43)
3 – svantetic    (12:07)
4 – ballada    (10:00)
5 – sleep, safe and warm    ( 7:15)
6 – night-time, daytime requiem ballad for brent   (18:58)

tt 54:28

quality a

source: radio3 fm
radio3 broad. philips cdr 770 – then wav – flac

parmajazz borders festival 2003
from 5 to 7 december 2003

sample: t03 svantetic 256k.mp3
download: TomaszStanko_GianluigiTrovesi_2003-12-07_ParmaItaly.zip

photo: from the parma frontiere website, unchanged.  used without permission.

Apr 022017

here’s a bit of italian jazz – clarinet & accordion (yes, more accordion).  i don’t remember what i was looking for when i ran across this yesterday, but remembered it immediately from when it showed up on dime in august 2005.  so also one of my earlier downloads.  what with the wretched speeds, there aren’t as many of those as there might otherwise have been.

i’ve recently ordered round about weill by trovesi & coscia.  it should be an interesting counter-point to the similarly weill-focused a clear midnight, by the julia hülsmann quartet with theo bleckmann, which i bought recently.


gianluigi trovesi & gianni coscia
féstival européen des régions
fellbach, germany
july 30, 1998

gianluigi trovesi – clarinets
gianni coscia – accordion

1. dance from east n. 1 (gianluigi trovesi) 4:34
2. c’era una strega, c’era una fata (gianluigi trovesi) 7:23
3. variazioni su ose shalom (coscia-trovesi) 8:54
4. tanghesi (gianni coscia) 8:35
5. sia maledetta l’aqua (anonymous) 6:56
6. unknown (11:01)
7. unknown (3:51)

tt: 51:17

sound: a/a-
source: swr 2 broadcast / prob. 1998
lineage: fm > tape > minidisc > analogue to hd > cdr > eac (secure) > flac (8)(asb)

sample: t03 variazioni su ose shalom.mp3
download: GianluigiTrovesi_GianniCoscia_1998-07-30_FellbachGermany.zip

covers are original.  photo of concrete by pete, korea 2017.