Jan 132013

here’s a great show by the charlie haden quartet from sometime in 1988, down in nice, southern france.  don’t know precisely when or where (maybe the nice jazz festival?), nor even if it’s the whole show… but it’s well worth a listen; i’ve added the entire 11-minute first song as a sample.

charlie haden quartet
nice, france

charlie haden
ernie watts
alan broadbent
paul motian

setlist :

1. segments 11:06
2. lonely woman 23:58
3. sandino 5:45


source : fm / yamaha kx 500 / maxell xl2s / audacity / xact
audio quality : a- (fm hiss)

sample:  01 Segments.mp3

download: Charlie_Haden_Quartet_1988_Nice_France.zip

  2 Responses to “charlie haden quartet – 1988 nice, france”

  1. !ilLi_DwX9nnkOET8Dg4_Ud679dRyYa7U5sNIjAEvkZY

  2. I recorded this concert live at the festival on my Sony DAT tape machine.

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