Apr 222014

i got a copy of this back in 2011, when ‘frekem’ seeded it.  the detail below lists a number of tracks (numbered “–“) which are listed in the gerry mulligan discography at www.gerrymulligan.com, but are not included in the recording.   i can only guess that they either were not broadcast or were just not recorded — i.e., i have no idea, really!  whatever happened, still it’s a nice show.

gerry mulligan quintet
theater de speeldoos
zaandam, the netherlands
16 december 1976

gerry mulligan (bar, ss, p)
mike santiago (g)
tom fay (p)
george duvivier (b)
bobby rosengarden (d)

01 song for an unfinished woman (11:12)
02 walk on the water (7:20)
03 idol gossip (5:23)
04 song for strayhorn (8:00)
05 darn that dream (piano solo, gerry mulligan) (5:31)
06 out back of the barn (7:39)
— satin doll
— my funny valentine
07 north atlantic run (7:34)
— taurus moon
— unknown
08 line for lyons (nc) (3:48)
— k-4 pacific

tt 56:27

lineage: fm > ? > cd-r > wav > tlh (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)
audio quality: a- (fm)

the gerry mulligan quintet at “theater de speeldoos” in zaandam, the netherlands, for dutch tros radio (program sesjun), thursday december 16, 1976.

sample:  04_song_for_strayhorn.mp3

download: GerryMulliganQuintet_1976.12.16_Zaandam_NL.zip

Jan 192013

i was listening to this as i slaved away late on a saturday night, and thought to myself that i’ve been listening to a fair bit of gerry mulligan lately.  so which to share here?  why not the one that i was listening to for the first time tonight…

gerry mulligan and the gerry mulligan concert jazz band
sunday, july 10, 1988 (20:30 – 21:15)
north sea jazz festival
pwa zaal
the hague, the netherlands
runtime: 55:35

source: dutch radio (dr) fm broadcast
lineage: fm > tape > cd-r > wav > flac > dime > wav > plaz_restore > flac(lvl8)

gerry mulligan (bar, ss); laurie frink, barry ries, bud burridge, gary guzio (tp); dave glenn, john fedchock, joe randazzo (tb); gary neawood, marty fogel (as), seldon powell, mark vinci (ts), tom boras (bar); bill charlap (p), dean johnson (b), bobby rosengarden (d).

1 sun on the stairs (5:46)
2 out back of the barn (6:57)
3 walk on the water (6:50)
4 bweebida bwobbida (9:10)
5 with a smile on your face (4:53)
6 absent friends (don’t go away) (5:04)
7 k-4 pacific (11:21^) [inc, tf at ~8:00]
8 line for lyons (4:29)
9 radio announcement (1:01)

^ tape flip spliced at 47:20

sample:  1 Sun on the Stairs.mp3

download: Gerry_Mulligan_Jazz_Band_1988-07-10_The_Hague.zip