Jan 122018

here’s one of the shows from our little trip over the holidays.  another of the many shows shared on dime by ‘unclewolfi’.  lets give him a tip o’ the hat.

dusan novakov

azar lawrence quartet
‘tribute to mccoy tyner’
inntoene festival
konzertscheune buchmannhof
diersbach, austria
15 may 2016

azar lawrence – ts
gadi lehavi – p
wolfram derschmidt – b
dusan novakov – dr

01. passion dance (tyner) 17:08
02. simone (lawrence) 13:25
03. announcement azar lawrence 00:27
04. walk spirit, talk spirit (tyner) 16:24
05. body and soul (green) 14:37

tt 1:02:02

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – dlr]

sample: Azar Lawrence 2016-05-15 t02 simone 13-25
download: AzarLawrence_2016-05-15_DiersbachAustria.zip

covers: from files shared by unclewolfi

Jan 052013

well, enough slow and sad.  while we’re still close enough to christmas to get away with it, here is my all-time favorite christmas jazz show, featuring the fantastic dwight trible singing.  why have i not heard of him before?  anyway, the seeder on dime (ladyface57) “edited out two songs which do not fit in this category”… i’m not sure if ladyface57 meant jazz or christmas or both.  around here, this got a lot of play over the past few weeks (i even burnt an audio cd!).  so tuck this away for another 11 months & then do the same.

paul zauner quintet featuring dwight trible

paul zauner (trombone, announcements)
klemens pliem (tenor saxophone, flute)
carlton holmes (piano)
wolfram derschmidt (bass)
dusan novakov (drums)
dwight trible (vocals)

01: we three kings – 11:25
02: merry christmas, baby – 4:51
03: merry christmas (?) – 6:04
04: cristo redentor – 5:47
05: unknown tune – 6:20
06: unknown tune – 6:19
07: unknown tune – 8:00
08: blue christmas – 9:39
09: africa (not complete) – 6:12

recorded by orf @ radiokulturhaus, vienna (austria), december 17, 2012 –
lineage: ö1 radio broadcast (live) –> cable receiver — cd –> hard disc –> audacity –> tlh

sample: 02 merry christmas, baby.mp3

download: Paul_Zauner_Quintet_2012-12-17_Vienna_Austria.zip