Nov 022014

i’ve downloaded two ernie watts shows from ‘ijwthstd’ on dime.  ijwthstd doesn’t give much information about anything*, and (be warned) there is a quite a lot of crowd noise in this.  but i really enjoyed it.  enough that i took the trouble to update the info file (below) with what i could, though i couldn’t understand the titles of the last two songs (not even sure those titles were announced).  maybe it caught me in just the right mood, i don’t know… so here’s the show from 2011 that was seeded back in january  2014.
*  on dime, he has a ul/dl ratio of 1.7, and high volume; should we complain too loudly?

ernie watts quartet
farmer’s market
los angeles ca
08 sept 2011

ernie watts, tenor sax
bob leatherbarrow – d
bruce lett – b
andy langham – p

soundcheck/set 1/set 2

0.1 soundcheck (5:45)
1.1 to the point (15:12)
1.2 konbanwa (good evening) (9:48)
1.3 for michael (11:04)
1.4 shaw nuff [dizzie gillespie-charlie parker] (10:12)
2.1 animal man (14:23)
2.2 blackbird [lennon-mccartney] (10:31)
2.3 you are there [john mandell] (7:54)
2.4 ? (12:59)
2.5 ? (9:27)

tt 1:47:15

dsm6 -> paclc -> r-09hr -> soundforge -> flac.
when asked “do you have any additional info about anything?”, taper ‘ijwthstd’ said he “was standing 10 feet away from a place that serves fried alligator.”

info file updated with lineup per dime tracker comments & track titles per ernie watts’ song intros/outros.

sample:  t2-02 blackbird.mp3

Jan 132013

here’s a great show by the charlie haden quartet from sometime in 1988, down in nice, southern france.  don’t know precisely when or where (maybe the nice jazz festival?), nor even if it’s the whole show… but it’s well worth a listen; i’ve added the entire 11-minute first song as a sample.

charlie haden quartet
nice, france

charlie haden
ernie watts
alan broadbent
paul motian

setlist :

1. segments 11:06
2. lonely woman 23:58
3. sandino 5:45


source : fm / yamaha kx 500 / maxell xl2s / audacity / xact
audio quality : a- (fm hiss)

sample:  01 Segments.mp3