Jan 052013

ran across this a week or so ago, when i was tidying things up a bit, and realized that i’d played it 3 or 4 times since.  so here it is.  slow, kind of sad (“turn out the stars”; “ne me quittes pas”;”i ain’t got nothing but the blues”), just the thing for these short, cold, wet early january days when the christmas cheer is fading away…

karrin allyson
duc des lombards
paris, france

karrin allyson, vocals, piano
ed howard, bass
rod fleeman, guitar

setlist :

1- ut
2- turn out the stars (evans)
3- ut
4- footprints (shorter)
5- double rainbow (jobim)
6- i’m always chasing rainbows
7- ut
8- ne me quitte pas (brel)
9- i ain’t got nothing but the blues (fitzgerald)
10- smile (chaplin)
11- ut
12- ut

total time : 58 minutes

source : fm (tsf jazzlive) / naimuniti / r-09hr / audacity / xact


sample: 02 Turn out the stars.mp3

download: Invalid download ID.

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