May 172019

here’s what i started the day with — and then followed it up with 2 more sphere concerts.  time for a change, but first to post this up here.    they also played 2 days later at teatro morlacchi, in perugia, some of which has been released.

panino jazz club
umbria jazz festival
perugia, italy
12 july 1986

charlie rouse t.s.
kenny barron p.
buster williams bass
ben riley dr.

part 1

1 if i should loose you 21’35”
2 clubsound 1’44”
3 tokodu 15’58”
4 spiral 19’05”

total time 58’28”

part 2
1 flight path (end of the first set) 12’56”
2 scratch 18’50”
3 christina 9’17”
4 well,you needn’t 22’08”

total time 63’12”

source: my* mixer recording aaa
* “my” is diego60, the seeder on dime. thanks, diego60!

sample: part 2, t01 flight path.mp3

Oct 132016

t_monkquartet_tivolis_koncertsal_co_frontonlylistening to a bit of thelonious monk, i realized that i’d never posted a show of his here.  so high time that i did.  i was going to post 4 shows from march 1963, but then was listening to this one while i looked at them…  this was pitch fixed by ‘goody’, and it sounds very nice.

the covers came from rem2rigs who provided links to his .jpg files on photobucket here and here, when peterw seeded this on dime back in 2008.

thelonious monk quartet
tivolis koncertsal
copenhagen, denmark
21 february 1964

thelonious monk, piano
charlie rouse, tenor sax
butch warren, bass
ben riley, drums

first set
1. i’m getting sentimental over you (cut) 5:55
2. bright mississippi 7:59
3. epistrophy (cut) 2:48
4. stuffy turkey 10:13
5. evidence 9:44 #
6. drum solo 0:54
7. misterioso 9:35
tt 47:10
# (“pitch problems” doesn’t begin to describe what’s going on here… goody)

second set
1. epistrophy 4:24
2. blue monk 9:00
3. brake’s sake 8:49
4. ruby, my dear 8:58
5. misterioso 6:14
6. don’t blame me (cut) 2:54
tt 40:21

total time: 1:27:31

source (both sets):
fm broadcast > cassette > cdr > dbpoweramp music converter (r13) > goody: nero wave editor > tlh

pitch correction notes, set 1
pitch of 1-3 were approx. 78 cents flat. track 4-7 were approx. 102 cents sharp. 5 had/has extreme
pitch fluctuations/flutter, and this was a compromise solution just to get it sort of in tune.
corrected to the best of my ability. the piano is also not completely in tune with itself, further
complicating things…
fixed and flaced – goody – 2008-10-12

pitch correction notes, set 2
pitch of track 1 was approx. 1 semitone sharp. pitch of tracks 2-6 were approx. 38 cents sharp.
fixed and flaced. goody – 10-12-08

monkbook ( ) shows this as having been
at the odd fellow palæet, copenhagen

other notes from original info file
*thanks to carl-bernhard kjelstrup aka “red” or “cakjels” for this wonderful show.
*this reseed is upgraded sets and “pitch corrected edition” by goody. many thanks to him!

*thanks, peter, for all you’ve shared.
thanks, red! it’s an honor to upgrade your legacy! the beauty is in the music, although the quality
of the recordings have suffered over the years. we make do, though.
and i owe so much to thelonious. this barely scratches the surface. thanks for leaving this behind.

sample: s2 t02 bright mississippi.mp3