Oct 092016

fronthere’s a quickie, just somethink that i was listening today while doing not much of anything…  the covers were in the original download by lewojazz on dime.  needless to say, the impossible gentlemen for some fairly obvious reason always makes me think of the league of gentlemen.  maybe the league of impossible gentlemen?  anyone pay money to see the film-of-the-concert for that?


the impossible gentlemen
old customs house hall
tampere, finland
6 nov 2011

gwilym simcock – piano
mike walker – guitar
steve rodby – bass
adam nussbaum – drums

1 – 9:50
2 – 11:13
3 – 14:30
4 – 8:23
5 – 10:54

total time: 54:50


broadcast: rtve.es – rne radio clasica
date: 2012-11-14

dvb-s > digital satellitereceiver humax pvr8000 > mp2
mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo; 256 kbps
mp3directcut 2.08 > mp2

recorded and edited by lewojazz

sample: t4 unknown.mp3
download: Download

  2 Responses to “the impossible gentlemen – 6 nov 2011, old customs house hall, tampere, finland”

  1. rlkaRLUkIqzwcbp

  2. jazz boot experiment has a 2016 show by the impossible gentlemen up right now

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