Oct 302016

gonzalo-bergara-2012-10-16-arcata-playhouse-front-coverwell, it’s been a busy month. what better to finish up with than a bit of gypsy jazz?

theblackmarkettrust.com (jeffrey radaich & brian netzley & others)

gonzalo bergara quartet
arcata playhouse
arcata, ca
15 october 2012
(second set)

gonzalo bergara, lead guitar
jeffrey radaich, rhythm guitar
leah zeger, violin & vocals
brian netzley, upright bass

1 ? 7:42
2 insulto 5:33
3 it had to be you 6:14
4 ? 6:44
5 nightmare #2 10:26
6 belleville 5:35
7 band intros 4:53
8 elena’s bossa 8:47
9 ? 8:01

tt: 1:03:54

source: tascam dr-03 internal mics (stereo/wave/24/48,000) > audacity (flac8/16bit)

sample: t06 belleville.mp3
download: GonzaloBergara_2012-10-16_ArcataPlayhouse_ArcataCA.zip

covers by pete.  photo of scattered playing pieces after a baduk (go) competition in suwon, korea, oct-2016.

  5 Responses to “gonzalo bergara quartet – 15 oct 2012, arcata playhouse, arcata california, usa”

  1. bfiymvVQzJufZrf

  2. Nice job, the only drawback is that for the 1st zip it asks a passwod, the second says I don’t have the permission, and the 3rd ask me a decryption file….. ?????

    • hi simon, i just tried downloading this, while not logged on here. after i clicked on the d/l link, it asks for a password, which i entered (see 1st comment). then the d/l started. once downloaded, the zip opened with no problem.

      looks as if the issue is on your side. good luck!


  3. Hey Pete, yes, it worked, didn’t realize that the pass was up there, thought it was some mistyping of sort 🙂

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