Oct 272016

jan-lundgren-trio-2014-06-16-paris-front-cover2this hit the spot yesterday after a number of shows that didn’t go with my mood at all.  nice when things finally matchup.

jan lundgren trio
duc des lombards, early set
paris, france
16 june 2014

jan lundgren piano
mattias svensson bass
zoltan csörsz drums

01- the poet
02- ut
03- parfait amour
04- transcendence
05- lush life (fades in)
06- ut
07- ut
08- ut
09- ut
10- i’ll remember april

tt 1:15:49

source : tsf fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample:  t02.mp3
download: Download

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