Oct 222016

sheila-jordan-fritz-pauer-trio-1996-12-10-porgy-bess-front-coverwell, i liked that last one so much, i looked & found [part of] a 1968 concert by betty carter with the fritz pauer trio and this one, shiela jordan & the fritz pauer trio.  can you have too much of a good thing?  i think not in this case.  not sure if i’ll get to the betty carter show… only 3 songs, and i feel as if two uploads in a row is enough for the moment.  enjoy!

sheila jordan & fritz pauer trio
porgy & bess
wien = vienna (austria)
10 december 1996

fritz pauer (p,ann), johannes strasser (b), christian salfellner (dr), sheila jordan (voc,ann)

01. sj ann – 0:47
02. buffalo wings – 8:12
03. the best thing for me is me – 5:58
04. i’m a fool to want you – 5:26
05. where you at – 8:35
06. fp ann – 0:27
07. tricycle (p,b,dr only) – 14:02
08. all or nothing at all – 5:38

lineage: sbd (dat @ 48 khz) > cd > nero (flac 8) > hd

sound: a

this was the first set on that evening. unfortunately, the recordings of the second set are lost.

sample: t03 the best thing for me is me.mp3
download: SheilaJordan_FritzPauerTrio_1996-12-10_PorgyBess_Vienna_Austria.zip