Feb 102022

well, this lovely zoot sims show from 1968 isn’t a bad way to finish up this alphabetical exercise!  we now resume our regularly scheduled blogging…

zoot sims
louisville, ky
15 june 1968

zoot sims – tenor
louis knipp – piano
jack brengle – bass
john ray – drums

1. blues 8:34
2. that old feeling 10:10
3. willow weep for me 10:35
4. i remember april 10:17
5. come rain or come shine

tt 49:20

cassette – > cdr -> .wav
recorded june 15. 1968

sample: t03 willow weep for me 256k.mp3
download: ZootSims_1968-06-11_Bravers_LouisvilleKY.zip

photo:  uncredited photo from zootsims.jazzgiants.net, original source unknown.

Feb 102016

Zoot Sims & Al Cohn 1978-10-17 covercontinuing with our kyoto japan theme, here’s a great show by zoot sims from osaka, just south of kyoto.  if flying, you’ll probably use osaka kansei airport as we did.  this is a very good recording – as ‘fuwafuwatime’ said when posting this on dime in nov 2010, “you will be surprised for the sound quality”.

zoot sims & al cohn
sankei hall
osaka, japan
17 october 1978

zoot sims (ts)
al cohn (ts)
jimmy rowles (p)
bob cranshaw (b)
mousie alexander (ds)

disc 1 – first show
01. comes love
02. dream dancing
03. unknown
04. unknown
05. unknown
06. unknown
07. unknown

disc 2 – second show
01. you stepped out of a dream
02. blue lester
03. unknown
04. them there eyes
05. unknown
06. emily
07. unknown
08. unknown
09. unknown

original master’s boot cdr>wav>flac

original seeder’s comments
this is ultimate & perfect sound quality.
this aud and sbd are the same qualities.
you will be surprised for the sound quality.

sample: d2 t09 unknown.mp3
download: ZootSims_AlCohn_1978-10-17_FromZtoA_OsakaJapan.zip