May 292020

yesterday was al cohn day, i feel as if i’ve listened to every al cohn show that i have (well, a lot anyway!).  i was going to share one of his shows (up next!), but this little jem from jim galloway, featuring al cohn and eddie lockjaw davis, has elbowed its way to the front of the queue!  a woody herman show (also with mr. al cohn) was trying to do the same, but will just have to wait.  anyway, a bit of a busy day at work, but with these shows and the warm sunshine we’ve had, it was a beautiful day.  tip ‘o the hat to ‘jazzrita’ for sharing this.

jim galloway quartet + al cohn + eddie lockjaw davis
sheraton hotel
toronto, ontario, canada
19 dec 1981

jim galloway,ss,bs
al cohn,ts
eddie lockjaw davis,ts
ian bargh,p
neil swainson,b
terry clarke,dr

01 – strike up the band – ann dj 9:28
02 – on green dolphin street (jg,bs) – ann dj 10:32
03 – i can’t get started (eld,ts,ib,p-trio) – ann dj + ac 5:18
04 – blue hodge (garymcfarland,comp) (ac,ts,ib,p-trio) – ann dj 6:40
05 – i want to be happy 11:08
06 – ann dj – old folks (jg,ss-ib,p-trio) – ann dj 4:53
07 – what’s the thing called love – ann dj 9:32
08 – on the trail (eld-al+ib,p-trio) – ann dj 10:20
09 – lester leaps in (jg,bs) 11:02


fm got in trade

sample: t04 blue hodge.mp3

Feb 102016

Zoot Sims & Al Cohn 1978-10-17 covercontinuing with our kyoto japan theme, here’s a great show by zoot sims from osaka, just south of kyoto.  if flying, you’ll probably use osaka kansei airport as we did.  this is a very good recording – as ‘fuwafuwatime’ said when posting this on dime in nov 2010, “you will be surprised for the sound quality”.

zoot sims & al cohn
sankei hall
osaka, japan
17 october 1978

zoot sims (ts)
al cohn (ts)
jimmy rowles (p)
bob cranshaw (b)
mousie alexander (ds)

disc 1 – first show
01. comes love
02. dream dancing
03. unknown
04. unknown
05. unknown
06. unknown
07. unknown

disc 2 – second show
01. you stepped out of a dream
02. blue lester
03. unknown
04. them there eyes
05. unknown
06. emily
07. unknown
08. unknown
09. unknown

original master’s boot cdr>wav>flac

original seeder’s comments
this is ultimate & perfect sound quality.
this aud and sbd are the same qualities.
you will be surprised for the sound quality.

sample: d2 t09 unknown.mp3