Feb 262016

i’ve taken the files for a number of postings offline (the postings are still on the site, but not the zip files). the download link should not be working for these (just text “download: invalid download id.”).  i’ve also tagged the posting as “archived”.

if you’d like a copy of one of these, leave me a comment, and i’ll see if i can put it back up for you temporarily.

i’ll be doing this sort of cleanup regularly.  i think the large number of files is affecting the service — download are starting to truncate routinely.

perhaps coincidentally, a few webcrawlers have been doing heavy downloads lately; i’ve blocked all the webcrawlers i can.

so, between removing a number of shows and blocking the webcrawlers, i hope these problems will go away.

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  2 Responses to “archiving posts”

  1. Dear Peter,

    I’ve been interacting a lot with Change is Possible recently, and I finally managed to download intact the Monterose which I am sure will be just fantastic when I get to listen to it!!! I like your website very much – the tone of your notes is just perfect, and it comes across that you’re simply a person who loves music and wants to listen to and learn about more of it. That describes me too!!! I like someone that likes to share their enthusiasms, but I also like the way that you let the music speak for itself.

    You’ll be very happy to hear that the downloads from File Factory and Mega have been perfect for me, with no problems. However, I did download a few from earlier this year that I had problems with, as you know, and I’ve read your ‘archiving posts’ entry on the possible reasons. So…I wonder if I might ask you for links for the following shows, please, which I have not managed to download successfully. I’d dearly like copies of the ones on top of the list if you’re not so inclined to share them all or if you’ve been asked to take them down. Naturally enough, I’d be very happy if you wish to send you some things that I think, based on your comments, you might like!

    Of course, if you’re not inclined to put these up again, or whatever, I’d still like to thank you for what is a great resource and a most enjoyable blog!!!



    Gerry Mulligan Concert Jazz Band – 10 July 1988 The Hague
    Grace Kelly Quintet Featuring Lee Konitz — 27 April 2012, Bern Switzerland
    Art Pepper Quartet – 28 Nov 1981 Tokyo, Japan
    Charlie Haden Quartet – 1988 Nice, France
    Bobby Watson “Horizon” Quintet – 10 Nov 1991 Lugano Switzerland
    Emily Remler – 7 & 8 May 1989, Perth, Australia
    Teddy Edwards – 1989-07-Xx The Bass Clef, London
    Gato Barbieri & Enrivo Rava – 27 Oct 2002, Frankfurt Germany
    Charlie Höllering – 9 May 2009 Stuttgart, Germany
    Paul Zauner Quintet Featuring Dwight Trible – 17 Dec 2012 Radiokulturhaus, Vienna, Austria
    Karrin Allyson – 31 Oct 2011 Duc Des Lombards, Paris
    Eddie Palmieri – 10 July 2005 North Sea Jazz Festival

    • hi charlied, glad to hear that you’re enjoying the site & the music.

      sure, i’ll put those shows up onto filefactory or mega, no problem. but i can’t promise that it’ll be very quick due to travel plans. i’ve put the gerry mulligan show up on mega.

      re “i’d be very happy if you wish to send you some things that i think, based on your comments, you might like!”: yes, that sounds great — thanks! let me know before sending, in case i have it though 🙂


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