Mar 302021

here’s a ‘two-fer’ of shows featuring sarah tandy, that i was listening to last week.  after plucking the show with silke eberhard out of the archive, i remembered the other show.  they’re nice companion pieces, and were both shared on dime by unclewolfi (another tip o’ the hat).  the second show is mostly pieces composed by sarah tandy & which were also on her cd inflection in the sentence.

silke eberhard, sarah tandy, daniel casimir, kay luebcke
berlin-london conversation 3
jazz club ‘a-trane’
berlin, germany
04.nov 2017

silke eberhard – as
sarah tandy – p
daniel casimir – b
kay lübcke – dr

01. evidence 12:39
02. we see 09:17
03. criss cross 13:50
04. announcement silke eberhard 00:33
05. ask me now 08:48
06. rhythm-a-ning [fade out] 05:44

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – dkultur]

sarah tandy
‘infection in the sentence’
40. internationales jazzfestival
saalfelden, austria

binker golding – sax
sheila maurice-grey – tp
sarah tandy – p, rhodes
jihad darwish – b
jordan hadfield – dr

01. under the skin (sarah tandy) 10:09
02. announcement sarah tandy 00:11
03. timelord (sarah tandy) 10:41
04. nursery rhyme (sarah tandy) 09:22
05. announcement sarah tandy 00:19
06. bradbury street (sarah tandy) 09:29
07. announcement sarah tandy 00:19
08. afro blue (mongo santamaria) 09:42
09. announcement sarah tandy 00:08
10. snake in the grass (sarah tandy) 09:16

source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – dlf kultur]

samples: 2017-11-04 t05 ask me now.mp3; and 2019-08-24 t10 snake in the grass.mp3

Feb 112016

CD Front Insert v2since i was down in the “z” section, i was listening to this (back-to-back with some old madeleine peyroux… good mix, actually). ‘grateful c2d’ seeded it on dime in august 2012, and this show has been languishing at the far end of the alphabet ever since.  but now, happily, re-encountered.  go to her shows, buy her albums.

[update:  i just got a couple of her cd’s, “until tomorrow” and “if you knew her”:  very nice.  and, which is a bit unusual, she writes a lot of  her songs.  as the liner notes to “until tomorrow” note, “jazz singers who produce original material are usually the exception rather than the rule“.  and should be supported in particular.]

one thing that bugs me: when i lived in belgium and could get klara radio, i could never figure out when the concerts were playing (there’s me with no dutch!).  opportunities missed, ah well.  i will probably say the same about korea (though k-pop concerts are maybe more likely than jazz…?).

oh… i changed the picture on the cd cover, as i’d already used the picture for another cover.  but both covers are in the .zip file, since i’d made the first one anyway.

zara mcfarlane – jazz middelheim 2012
antwerp, belgium

zara mcfarlane (vocals)
binker golding (tenorsax)
peter edwards (piano)
max luthert (bass)
moses boyd (drums)

1. introduction (lies steppe)
2. blossom tree
3. night and day
4. captured -> lazy afternoon
5. on green dolphin street
6. more than mine
7. feed the spirit
8. until tomorrow
9. band presentation
11. chiaroscuro

interview with zara mcfarlane from the same day, before the concert

klara radio fm (cable) -> wintv-hvr3000 -> adobe audition cs5.5 -> wav
noise reduction applied in adobe audition.
cdwave editor (tracking) -> tlh (flac 8)

sample: t11 chiaroscuro.mp3