Nov 302017

not much to say today…  i don’t have any source on this, but sounds like it might be from fm.

geri allen quintet
charlie parker jazz festival
tompkins square park, nyc

geri allen- p,
wallace roney- tp,
jessy davis- as,
ralphe armstrong- b,
eric allen- perc

01. announcer ps/ga 2:42
02. klaactoveesedstene 10:18
03. if i should lose you 13:59
04. announcer ga 0:57
05. cherryl 12:58

tt 40:58

sample: 02 Klaactoveesedstene.mp3

covers by pete

  2 Responses to “geri allen quintet – 27 august 1995, tompkins square park, nyc ny, usa”

  1. !VljdjtBXR7cnlKMsMijNnsnCQkafHWho2aSu80nyx7I

  2. BIG THX!…

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