Oct 252017

i was just trolling through the hard drive looking for something that didn’t look familiar (it’s been a good day), and saw a big bunch of sam rivers shows.  remember:  i’m not mr. memory.  so it was “sam who? and why do i have so many?”  curiously, i definitely disliked the first two that i sampled.  but number three…


sam rivers trio
paris (france)
l’église notre-dame-des-blancs-manteaux
1975.09.26 – september 26, 1975

sam rivers ts, fl, ss, voice
dave holland b
barry altschul dr

shapes for paris
1) 34.66 ..faded out
2) 55:41

note: track 1) radio voice over at the beginning – faded out
track 2) 55:41 radio voice over at the beginning

source/lineage/quality: fm – revox a77 – edirol-r09 > hd >
magix xxl 20008 – flac – dime – a-


sample:  01 Sam Rivers Trio Paris 19750926 sample
download: SamRiversTrio_1975-09-26_ParisFrance.zip (torrent)

covers by pete.

  7 Responses to “sam rivers trio – 26 sept 1975, l’église notre-dame-des-blancs-manteaux, paris france”

  1. YaHWBvuCwZ

  2. fantastic!…
    BIG THX!…

  3. Fantastic! Simply one of the best trios in jazz history!
    Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Pete, Apologies for not putting on some major thank yous to you for awhile – excellent and do keep up the good work!!! By the way, I have managed to begin to cope with BitTorrent mainly via Deluge which is proving to be good…Cheers, MonkSphere

    • hi monksphere, thanks for that! glad to hear you got bittorrent working, too! i’ll try another bittorrent link next time, perhaps 😉


  5. This actually happened on the 24th. (Sam Rivers Sesionography—768pp., 550+ illustrations—is out and shipping now) 🙂

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