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i put this on sort of at random while rearranging the office/guestroom, and liked it so much that i’m uploading it now that the room is a bit better sorted out.  ok, it’s not actually a guestroom until the sofabed arrives, but soon…

it was a nice surprise to see that this was another show shared on dime by our unknown friends at planetfuncamp.  seems to always be “lisa e.” attending.  so, thanks to lisa e!  the comments below are hers, i think, and she’s quite right about yosvaney terry.

actually, i’ve come to realize that i’m a bit tired of piano jazz as such.  something like this, that mixes it up more, suits me better at the moment.

manuel valera quartet
the sidedoor jazz club
old lyme ct, usa
11 april 2014

manuel valera: piano
yosvaney terry: sax
yunior terry: bass
e.j. strickland (?): drums

set i

01. introductions by ken
04. banter
06. banter
07. oblique
08. manuel introduces the father of ?
09. *

*guest on chekere

set ii

03. banter
05. banter & crowd
07. banter & crowd

recorded by: planetfuncamp
attendees: lisa e. & heather s.
location: table top behind piano
recorded using: teac vr-10 using internal mics set to +4
transfer: sdcard>wav>audacity(for tracking and labeling; nothing more)>flac>tracker>you

this was a very special night. this was the first time i saw yosvaney terry- the sax player.
i now get out to see him every chance i can. thank you manuel for that. he is so true to
his feeling and background when playing and composing. it was also special because
manuel had the father of something important up there to entertain us on the last tune of
the first set. what a great legacy moment that was. also, yosvaney was playing
that night with his brother literally behind him on bass. plus this night my sister was in
attendance as well as lisa e. and- of course- the music was the real star of that night!
enjoy… please,
and, as always,

peace and much groove from planetfuncamp

trade freely never sell trade freely never sell


sample: t05 unidentified.mp3

covers by pete

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  1. ApgahNbWtX

  2. BIG THX!….

  3. added a few links & updated the lineup: i think that’s terry on bass.

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