Dec 022017

this was up on dime a few days after the show at the dwarf jar cafe, down on the quays here in dublin. it’s a pretty good recording (despite everything mentioned), which probably says more about the band than anything.  it’s a crazy venue, the way they’ve taken advantage of the high ceiling.  i’ve been trying to see if any of these lads are playing around town… and haven’t been able to make it to the dwarf jar for ages (mondays not being great for me lately).

dwarf jar
wellington quay
dublin, ireland
25 oct 2017

chris engel – sax
sean maynard smith – bass
matthew jacobson – drums

set 1
01 unidentified 7:07
02 band intros 0:47
03 c jam blues (ellington) 8:26
04 (crowd noise) 0:43
05 unidentified (thelonious monk) 10:18
06 (crowd noise) 1:23
07 unidentified 5:08
08 (crowd noise) 1:02
09 unidentified (“someone to watch over me”?) 7:29
10 talk and crowd noise 0:29
11 a night in tunesia 9:13

set 2
12 unidentified > i got it bad
and that ain’t good > better get in your soul 18:22 *
13 set list 0:57
14 unidentified (cuts out almost at once) 0:28 **

* seemed more like a long medley to me, so i couldn’t figure out where to cut.
** yes, i left this in at just 28 seconds.

source: zoom h4n > wav > hdd > cd wave editor (tracking) > flac

sample: t03 c jam blues.mp3

covers by pete