Nov 142012

i’ve  been listening to tig & bean in my car lately, and thought that i’d start with this, even though i mostly listen to jazz.  have a listen, then go to their shows & buy their albums.

tig & bean
providence, ri, usa
may 1, 2012 (tuesday)

lily mccall ‘tig’ costner – acoustic guitar, percussion, banjo, vocals
caroline ‘bean’ hecht – banjo, electric guitar, vocals
eric d. – upright bass

set list
01.intro for me, i’ll work for you
03.summer blues out of water
05.wild with the wolves
07.swallowed by swells

tt: 42’22

lineage: aud > sp-cmc-8 (cards) w/mod > edirol r-09hr @ 24b/96k > adobe audition (track/edit) > wav @ 16b/44.1k > flac

the evening’s line-up: ‘coke weed’ (bar harbor, maine), ‘tig & bean’ (providence), ‘micah blue smaldone’ (portland, maine), in that order

-reduced volume of end-song applause
-attentive & quiet audience of around 30 souls

sample: tig+bean 2012-05-01 track 02.mp3

download: Invalid download ID.

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