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this posting is in memory of the late dalia pinkus, who left us this phenomenal (and aptly named) collection of “old but great jazzy songs”.

i don’t normally download rips of cd’s, but when researching a  concert, i ran across the think too much jazz blog.  needless to say, i browsed it out of curiosity — a lot of very tempting stuff, but that way lies madness.

however, one item did catch my eye, two cd’s by dalia pinkus, “old but great jazzy songs” vol. 1 & 2.  And, there was a comment that her husband jerry pinkus had allowed the music to be shared.  hadn’t heard of dalia pinkus but there are so many people whom i seem not to have heard of.  i downloaded it.

wow!  it’s great!  if you like classic jazz songs (and you’d probably not be here if you didn’t, eh?), then give it a listen.  she had a fantastic voice, and it’s a terrific selection of songs (and well suited to her voice, i think).

i emailed jerry pinkus, who again gave permission for the music to be shared.

so, in memory of dalia pinkus, here are a few links and a copy of her two cd’s for download.

dalia pinkus
old but great jazzy songs
volumes 1 & 2

originally downloaded with the comment “a word before the actual details of these two cd’s: dalia pinkus was an israeli jazz singer who died last month (july 30) of cancer, she was almost 45. a friend suggested the idea of sharing her cd’s online, she would have love that.., and her husband agreed…” i contacted jerry pinkus, her husband, who kindly gave permission for these files to be further shared.

dalia pinkus – vocal
gilad chazav – keyboards
donovan bullen – bass
yonatan rosen – drums

vol. 1

1. get happy (3:04)
2. little jazz bird (3:35)
3. come rain or come shine (4:14)
4. the preacher (3:10)
5. cry me a river (5:21)
6. blue skies (3:20)
7. i only have eyes for you (4:06)
8. put on a happy face (3:35)
9. on a small boat to china (4:21)
10. lulu’s back in town (2:39)
11. alice in wonderland (4:18)
12. i’ll build a stairway to paradise (3:05)
13. it might as well be spring (5:13)
14. there will never be another you (3:53)


vol. 2

1. everything but you (4:21)
2. he loves & she loves (3:23)
3. rock a bye baby with a dixie melody (3:05)
4. moon river (3:15)
5. it’s only a paper moon (3:05)
6. smile (3:47)
7. swinging on a star (1:58)
8. how about you (3:39)
9. manhattan (4:00)
10. secret love (3:49)
11. thou swell (4:03)
12. diana (2:25)


tt 1:34:44

recorded @ noga studios, kadima israel 2012

dec-2013: originally downloaded from flac files unchanged, but added this info file and .ffp & .md5 checksum files.

sample:  v1 t11_alice_in_wonderland.mp3


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