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while jenny scheinman is, according to wikipedia, “renowned as a jazz violinist, she has credits with artists in many genres”.  clearly: this was shared on dime as ‘jazz’, i’d call it singer-songwriter, folk, maybe a bit of blues… anyway, i was tidying up a few things and ran across it on my hard drive.  as is so often the case, the name didn’t ring a bell (i am starting to think i’m not very good with names of musicians & groups), so i gave it a listen (or perhaps another listen?).  lovely show, and i look forward to hearing some of her works in other genres (including jazz :-).

jenny scheinman
alexandria, virginia
21 August 2014

jenny scheinman – violin

instrumental 1:39
still just a child 6:46
brother 4:51
got my name in the paper 3:07
deadheads 3:53
when he’s sleeping* 3:22
you throw down* 4:29
instrumental?* 2:23

church audio ca-11 cardoid mics -> battery box -> oade acm marantz pmd 620
-> sound forge xp -> cdr wav -> flac (level 8)

opened for bruce cockburn trio

sample: t07 you throw down.mp3

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  2. […] like all the other “lerond” recordings i’ve heard.  there’s also a solo performance by jenny scheinman birchmere in alexandria, posted here almost exactly 5 years […]

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