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StaceyKent_2014-08-15_croppedimagei have a few concerts by stacey kent, all of which are excellent, but this one particularly struck me.  most of the songs are from her 2014 album “the changing lights”.  i didn’t realize that the lyrics to the title track were by kazuo ishiguro… didn’t even know he wrote poetry or lyrics (as may be), but when i looked it up, turned out that they posted the lyrics to all the songs on that cd up on facebook.  and there it was.  actually, he also wrote the lyrics to “the summer we crossed europe in the rain” and “waiter, oh waiter”.  i also didn’t know that a lot of the songs are composed by her husband, jim tomlinson.  when did i stop reading liner notes?

anyway, it’s a great concert.  and stacey kent has a lot of shows coming up.  not around here, unfortunately… mostly around western europe + a few days in the us & canada, including 5 nights at birdland in nyc (!).


stacey kent
jazz middelheim 2014
antwerp, belgium
15 aug 2014

stacey kent (voice)
jim tomlinson (tenorsax)
graham harvey (piano)
jeremy brown (bass)
josh morrison (drums)

01. radio intro (1:45)
02. this happy madness (6:17)
03. só danço samba (6:29)
04. sait-on jamais? (4:40)
05. waiter, oh waiter (6:27)
06. mais uma vez (7:04)
07. so nice (4:49)
08. how insensitive (4:05)
09. one note samba (4:03)
10. the changing lights (6:17)
11. the waters of march (3:27)
12. that’s all (8:31)
13. samba saravah (12:02)

tt 1:16:56

radio klara fm (cable) -> adobe audition cs6.6 (48kh-16bit)(6db boost
and noise reduction applied) -> wav -> cdwave editor (tracking) -> tlh (flac8)

sample:  t10_the_changing_lights.mp3

download:  StaceyKent_2014-08-15_JazzMiddelheim.zip

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