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not really sure if i should call this jazz or singer/songwriter.  be that as it may, i have a few concerts by rebekka bakken and this is my favorites of those… this was uploaded via dime, by hjweis in sept 2008 and has been sitting on my hard drive ever since.

rebekka bakken
2 feb 2008
‘women in jazz’
alte oper
halle, germany

rebekka bakken: vocal
sebastian studnitzky: piano
sven lindvall: bass
tommy baldu: drums


cd 1:

1. you bring new stars 05:11
2. you’re crying 03:58
3. we hit it again 04:45
4. any pretty girl 04:31
5. as tears clear our eyes 04:41
6. hard to be a looser 03:14
7. may i borrow your pillow 04:24
8. so ro 11:35
9. why do all the good guys get the dragons 09:56

cd 2:

1. what love is not 05:02
2. virgin’s lullaby 05:33
3. powerless 05:36
4. didn’t i 05:38
5. say goodbye to what is gone 05:49
6. time after time (c. lauper) 04:52
7. in the early morning ours 04:33
8. maybe i 03:01

total time 92:28 min

dvb-s recording @ 48khz/320kbps by hjweis
aired by german radio mdr figaro
dreambox 7000s (ts-file) > projektx (demux to wav) > audacity (cutting and export to flac)

sample: t03 we_hit_it_again.mp3


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