Sep 032022

well summer’s over, and we’ve probably all missed the brecon jazz yet again, haven’t we?  but here’s a nice set by ruby braff from around 23 years ago to make up for it.  meanwhile, around here, i’m off to my first show at arthur’s since covid started.  keen excitement all around, naturally.  apparently they’ve (had to) remodel a bit, so also looking forward to see what it looks like now.

ruby braff
brecon jazz festival 1999
brecon, wales, uk
aug 1999 (exact date unknown)

ruby braff, cornet
scott hamilton, tenor saxophone
john bunch, piano
dave green, bass
allan ganley, drums

1 lover come back to me (14:11)
2 some day sweetheart (10:07)
3 memories of you (5:08)
4 easy living (5:07)
5 dinah (12:19)
6 closing announcement (0:08)

recorded by the bbc at the brecon jazz festival in wales
fm broadcast

sample: t01 lover come back to me 256k.mp3

image:  cover to the 1999 brecon jazz festival program, from the friends of brecon jazz site.  used without permission.

Apr 292021

annnnnnd here’s the other show!  scott hamilton, warren vaché… need i go on?  a tip o’ the hat to N_n.

concord super band
shoctor theatre
“jazz city” festival
edmonton, ab, canada
20 aug 1980

scott hamilton – tenor saxophone
warren vaché – cornet, flugelhorn
cal collins – guitar
ralph flanagan – piano
monty budwig – bass
jake hanna – drums & direction

01. the jumpin’blues (j.mcshann) 04:46
02. drum boogie (g. krupa, r.eldridge) 09:59
03. if dreams came true (b.goodman, i.mills, e.sampson) 04:56
04. stompin’ at the savoy (e.sampson) 07:59

27:40 min

190 mb flac
sound quality a+ fm master

source: cbc-cbof fm “jazz sur le vif” airdate 1981-xx-xx
lineage: fm> (rec)pioneer-pt1000> sony hf cassette> (pb)teac w890-r> realtekac soundcard> polderbits sound recorder> polderbits sound editor> wav> flac(8)

taped & transfered by nocturnal_n
nocturnal_n productions© 6:42 pm 2020-05-28

sample: t04 Stompin at the Savoy 256k.mp3

Apr 292021

this show had a very similar lineup to ‘the chris flory quintet featuring scott hamilton’.  coming up next, another (also fantastic but even shorter) show featuring scott hamilton, in the ‘concord superband’ with warren vache among others.  i’ve corrected the line up below (the drums & piano were swapped) but haven’t updated the text file (already uploaded it and feeling lazy).

tomorrow is international jazz day.  i don’t really have anything special lined up for this blog, didn’t plan ahead, silly me, but will spend much of the day wasting time and listening to jazz (two different things & which go together very well) unless we do the bray-to-greystones cliff walk, now that our travel limit has increased to the longer of 20km or the county border.

scott hamilton quintet
manhattan studio
new york,ny

scott hamilton – sax
chris flory – guitar
chuck riggs – drums
phil flanigan – bass
norman simons – piano

01 unknown title 7:53
02 unknown title 4:04
03 unknown title 6:59
04 unknown title 6:01
05 unknown title 5:38
06 unknown title 9:47
07 unknown title 6:41

tt 47:03

lineage: rooftop rotary antenna> yamaha tuner t-70>nak lx3 nr-out> xlii c90.
transfer: dragon nr-out>zoomh4 16/44.1>hcsd 8gb >audacity>tlh>flac16.
cosmicchucky may, 2014 enjoy!
a qual fm. t07 cuts near end.

sample: t06 unknown title 256k.mp3