Sep 032022

well summer’s over, and we’ve probably all missed the brecon jazz yet again, haven’t we?  but here’s a nice set by ruby braff from around 23 years ago to make up for it.  meanwhile, around here, i’m off to my first show at arthur’s since covid started.  keen excitement all around, naturally.  apparently they’ve (had to) remodel a bit, so also looking forward to see what it looks like now.

ruby braff
brecon jazz festival 1999
brecon, wales, uk
aug 1999 (exact date unknown)

ruby braff, cornet
scott hamilton, tenor saxophone
john bunch, piano
dave green, bass
allan ganley, drums

1 lover come back to me (14:11)
2 some day sweetheart (10:07)
3 memories of you (5:08)
4 easy living (5:07)
5 dinah (12:19)
6 closing announcement (0:08)

recorded by the bbc at the brecon jazz festival in wales
fm broadcast

sample: t01 lover come back to me 256k.mp3

image:  cover to the 1999 brecon jazz festival program, from the friends of brecon jazz site.  used without permission.

  7 Responses to “ruby braff – aug 1999, brecon jazz festival, brecon, wales, uk”

  1. ayxlnoitts


  3. What nice swinging music Pete ! Many thanks. Wish I had been there !

  4. Pete, this looks great, thanks. Now, I need to ask you a favour…you see, for about a month or so, I’ve not been getting the automatic CIP e-mails. So I thought, just subscribe again, and it won’t let me as I’m already subscribed…so I need to unsub please then I’ll resub…can you unsub me please? Much obliged…

    • sure, i’ll see what i can do, probably this weekend. haven’t looked at that in years!

      the site has been fairly quiet lately, i’ve been more than usually busy “in real life”.

    • i think the problem might be with the feedburner setup. i’ll guess your issue probably started around when the site went down for a while recently? not sure when i’m going to be able to fix that. meanwhile, subscribing to @cipjazz1 on twitter will keep ya posted.

    • nope, sorry, the feedburner interface doesn’t seem to let me do that. the internet says that it should, but it doesn´t. and the feed does seem to be working. maybe someone will have a tip or a trick…


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