Jan 272016

Jazz Masters Septet 1982-07-25 Umbria - coverran across this today, was listening to it as i worked away, and thought it might be time for a break.  ‘diego60’ shared this on dime in 2010, it’s his own audience recording.  the band is quite a line up, and are playing their hearts out, so it’s nice diego60’s recording came out as nicely as it did.  but be warned, tracks 3 & 4 should be a single track… the cutover is a little jarring (but gave me a conveniently small file to convert for a sample)

jazz masters septet
orvieto, umbria italy
25 july 1982

bill hardman tp.
bob berg t.s.
curtis fuller tb.
bobby hutcherson v.
cedar walton p.
buster williams b.
louis hayes dr.

01 cedar’s blues 18:30
02 lover man 20:37
03 firm roots 5:48
04 firm roots end 9:58
05 b.williams presenting the group 0:28

tt 55:23


audience recording (sony tcd 5, sony ecm 990 bidirectional)/chrome maxell xl2s/direct to cd with tascam professional cdrw402

this was the last concert of umbria jazz ’82 wonderful night very good group!!

sample:  t03 firm roots (start).mp3
download:  JazzMastersSeptet_1982-07-25_UmbriaJazzFest.zip

May 012015

Charles Mingus 1970-03-31 Slugs' NYC coverhappy may 1st.  mingus’s show from 28 apr 1964, stuttgart, germany, was the 3rd show that i posted here.  i was re-listening to this long, and very good, show from 1970 today, and decided it was time for more mingus here.  while the show is excellent, the recording isn’t great… so be warned.  that said, i think it’s well worth a listen.


charles mingus – live at historic slug’s vol. 1 & vol. 2
new york, ny (usa), slug’s
march 31, 1970

bill hardman – trumpet
charles mcpherson – alto sax & flute
jimmy vass – alto sax
charles mingus – bass
dannie richmond – drums

vol. 1 (79:27)

1. ray’s idea (ray brown) 10:14
2. so long eric (mingus) 16:40
3. if i should lose you (robin-rainger) 5:56
4. i can’t get started (duke-gershwin) 8:57
5. dizzy atmosphere (gillespie) 5:32
6. peggy’s blue skylight (mingus) 14:04
7. better git it in your soul (mingus) 11:48
8. orange was the color of her dress (mingus) 6:12
vol. 2 (71:37)

1. fables of faubus (mingus) [cut] 10:30
2. in a sentimental mood (ellington) 7:27
3. take the “a” train (strayhorn) 14:19
4. billie’s bounce/koko (parker) 16:22
5. o.p. (mingus) 8:19
6. greensleeves (traditional) 13:54
tt: 151:05

source: audience recording
lineage: aud > ? > boot > ? > dime > flac > tlh (checksums added)
charly mingus “dizzy atmosphere – live at historic slug’s vol. 1” (j-bop 043)
charly mingus “fables of faubus – live at historic slug’s vol. 2” (j-bop 044)

links of interest:
http://www.jazzdisco.org/charles-mingus/discography/ (search for “j-bop 043”)


i downloaded this when halowdance seeded it on dime in aug 2009. i’ve combined the two seeds
into folder, keeping the original files & filenames. i’ve added consolidated ffp & md5 files
(verifying against the original md5 files in the process), and also added this new info file
(mostly copied from the dime-bot for ubu’s reseed in sept 2010), and renamed a few things as
halowdance accidentally listed vol.1 as being from 3-march. but unlike ubu, i have not added
any tags.

according to ubu, who reseeded both shows together in sept 2010,
“a muddy sounding but worthwhile show by the great charles mingus.
these were originally brought to ezt by ggln on 2005-03-09 and 2005-03-10, respectively.
they were reseeded in one previously by carville (2007-02-28) and separately again
somewhen in august 2009 by halowdance (but dime-bot isn’t complete there, it seems).

ubu – #320430 (as 1 seed), 2010-09-03
halowdance – #264126 & #264252, 2009-08-28 & 29
carville – #136332 (as 1 seed), 2007-02-28
ggln – #31795 & #31633, 2005-03-09 & 10

sample: v1 t3 if i should lose you.mp3

download: CharlesMingus_1970-03-31_Slugs_NYC.zip