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LouisHayesJuniorCook1976-04-05IchibanLivei got this back in jan 2011 when ‘kinebee’ seeded it on dime.  woody shaw really is great.  i have to give another listen to the other shows headlining louis hayes too.  i loved this… and then find ichi-ban listed on the hard bop page on tripod.  no surprise there!

this was recorded just a month before the same quintet (plus guilherme franco) recorded ichi-ban, with much the same songs (only much longer live than on lp, as you’d expect).  i’d like to get a copy, but a quick search only turned it up on diskunion jazz in japan.  gosh, they’re only “right next door”, maybe i’ll give it a try.  i’m still waiting for some cds from cdjapan… took them 10 days to ship.  i can read the cdjapan website without google translate, but i’m thinking to myself that diskunion might be faster.

i was in a couple of diskunion stores in tokyo last month, including the one specializing in jazz.  it was great!  pressed for time at each, which isn’t the best way to buy anything, and only travelling with carry-on for a 5 day trip, so space was also a serious consideration.  but i was very happy with 8 of the 9 cds that i bought.

i’m trying to find where to buy jazz cds here in seoul… it’s a search that’s fighting with a lot of similar priorities.  so any tips appreciated.  i suspect won’t be anything like japan, where every shop or restaurant that i went into seemed to be playing jazz, often very nice jazz at that, which was a real surprise.  here it’s more like k-pop is the soundtrack to the city.


louis hayes/junior cook 5tet w/woody shaw
jazzclub ostertor
bremen, germany
5 april 1976

woody shaw – trumpet
junior cook – tenor saxophone
ronnie matthews – piano
stafford james – bass
louis hayes – drums

disc one (1:18:08):
1. dj intro – 0:29
2. the moontrane – 18:56
3. book’s bossa – 23:31
4. pannonica – 11:25
5. ichi-ban – 23:46

disc two (37:00):
1. brothers and sisters – 23:01
2. outro & band introductions – 3:46
3. round about midnight – 10:12

ndr (norddeutscher rundfunk) digital radio broadcast

digital broadcast > hifi vhs > dat > .wav at 48 khz via s/pdif and m-dio 2448 digital soundcard > soundforge 6.0 > cd wave > shn > hdd (checksums verified) > .wav > flac frontend (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

ndr currently transmits an mpeg1 layer at a minimum of 2/192 kbps; however, the bitrate could actually have been higher at the time of this broadcast. to my knowledge, there is no better recording available.

sample:  t4 pannonica.mp3

download: LouisHayesJuniorCook5tet_withWoodyShaw_1976-04-05_Bremen.zip

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  1. [edit: non working link removed]

  2. hello pete.this can’t still download! 🙁

    • hi jim, there are some bandwidth limits, and when those kick in, the download aborts part way through.

      recencly, someone in particular was hammering the website, and i think its being throttled. wait a few days and with luck it’ll be fine.


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