Jan 022019

happy new year!

here’s another illinois jacquet show, to keep the mumbai 1994 show company.  i only downloaded this recently, but the torrent was stuck at 99.9% for the longest time… i’d given up all hope and then, magically, it finished up overnight!  flushed with excitement, i’m immediately uploading it!  well, no, actually:  i’ve already listened to this around 3 times over the past couple of days (only the info and checksum files were incomplete).   but now i can share this without any caveats about incomplete downloads.  thanks to ellaguru who share this in march 2017

illinois jacquet big band
san francisco jazz festival
paramount theater, oakland ca
5 november 1994

illinois jacquet big band:
illinois jacquet, david glasser, julian pressley, art daniels,
john simon, tom olin, irvin stokes, riley mullins, ravi best, mark mcgowan,
eddie bert, andrew lippman, charles stephens, larry ham,
fred hunter, clyde luca

01 tuning, stage announcer randall klein, then willie monroe 02:07
02 jacquet announcement/tickle toes 08:20
03 jacquet announcement/smooth sailing 07:53
04 jacquet announcement/robbin’s nest 04:54
05 jacquet announcement/one more for diz/jacquet announcement 07:34
06 jacquet announcement/body and soul 06:53
07 jacquet announcement/stompin’ at the savoy/jacquet announcement 05:20
08 jacquet announcement/on the sunny side of the street 07:03
09 jacquet announcement/three buckets of jive 09:22

tt 59:28

– a “teddy ballgame” dat soundboard master

recording info:
soundboard > dat master @ 16bit/44.1khz
– tdk dc-4 90m dds

dat master > tascam da302 > jb3 > adobe audition > izotope ozone 7 > cdwav > tlh flac 8

these are 16bit/44.1khz flac files.

lineup and setlist per comments on the dime tracker.

sample: t06 body and soul.mp3
download: IllinoisJacquet_1994-11-05_ParamountTheater_OaklandCA.zip

Jul 012015

listening to some louis hayes today.  turns out that i seem like a bit of a fan of his, with this being the third show here featuring louis hayes:  last october, we had eric alexander quartet feat. louis hayes — 5-feb-2014, an beal bocht café, riverdale ny, usa  and louis hayes – junior cook 5tet w/ woody shaw — 5 apr 1976, jazzclub ostertor, bremen, germany.  well!

this one falls in between, from 2003.  i think you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as i did.


louis hayes quintet
hamburg, germany
21 march 2003.

louis hayes (dr)
riley mullins (tp)
abraham burton (ts)
dave hazeltine (p)
gerald leon cannon (b)

1 glen’s place (hubbard)
2 peace (silver)
3 soul eyes (waldron)
4 pentagon (hazeltine)
5 pyramid (silver)
6 dear lou (mullins)
7 check in (hayes/ mullins)
tt 1:35:23

fm >telefunken ht 870 tuner >telefunken ha 870 amplifier >sony mds-je320 minidisc deck (normal play mode)

transfer (february 2014):
sharp minidisc deck md-r2 >denon pma-425r amplifier >terratec aureon 5.1 pci soundcard via spdif > audacity 2.0.5 > harddisk > flac 8

sample:  t02_Peace.mp3
download: LouisHayes_2003-03-21_Hamburg.zip