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here’s a sampling of elliott sharp, solo, from various locations and dates over around 5 years.  the style is similar throughout, which isn’t that surprising (but it could be), and the recording levels seemed quite similar (which is surprising).  so they all work together very well, if  you’re in the mood for around 2 hours of elliott sharp solo performances. g’wan, give it a try.  it’s all in 1 zip file, but with separate folders for each section below.  i was torn between this lovely combination and elliott sharp & hélène breschand “chansons du crepuscule”, in saalfelden 2018 — very very different, and in the end, this was much more sunday-morning music.  another day, perhaps.

elliott sharp
bbc studios
london, uk
broadcast: 10th nov 2008 & 24th august 2009 *

elliott sharp, guitar

4.01 velocity of hue
3.42 which delta?
5.49 bemsha swing *

source: bbc dab (mpeg-i layer ii at 192 kb/s joint stereo) > yamaha 1300 audio hdr
editing: trimmed announcements, removed offical material & fixed many balance variations
transfer: cdrw > eac > flac frontend (level 6)

quality: ex, digital all the way to you

seeder’s comments: one of the short but best jazz on 3 sessions, recorded in wonderful clarity, i seeded the first 2 tracks as part of another post while ago (re-seeded unchanged with the same file names) and the bbc broadcasted another track in one of their “missing bits” programs, so i hope you too will…
…enjoy !!

elliott sharp
studio 12/ funkhaus münchen
munich, germany
may 17, 2010.

elliot sharp, guitar

1 blues abstraction 1
2 interview with elliot sharp (radio host: karl bruckmaier)
3 blues abstraction 2

dvb-c (256 kbps/ 48 khz) > technotrend tt-1501 dvb-c pci card > harddisk.
edits were made with the mp3directcut software.

elliott sharp
szegedi jazz napok (szeged jazz days)
szegedi ih rendezvényközpont, szeged (hungary)
8 nov 2013

elliott sharp, guitar

1. raise four
ba-lue bolivar ba-lues-are
’round midnight (fade out)

2. epistrophy

lineage: fm > iriver ihp-120 > sony pcm m-10 > wav (16 bit, 44.1 khz) > edits, converting to flac
sound: 8.75 out of 10 (on a subjective scale); some fm hiss, but very clean

remarks: provided as broadcasted. the second track is faded out because of programme
length limitation. track titles are listed as provided by the station programme.

recorded, edited and shared on dad by eref2000.

sample:  munich 2010-05-17 t01 blues abstraction 1.mp3

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  2. many thanks for your great work

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