Apr 032021

it’s getting very hard to find anything to post here as there is simply so much coming through on dime at the moment.  i cannot keep up (not that anyone can, but…) and it’s even harder on a long weekend like this one, not spending hours a day enjoying the jazz while i work (all in all, i’ll take the weekend 🙂 ).  it’s the opposite of the old joke about the food.

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  2 Responses to “the food was no good. yes, and there wasn’t enough too.”

  1. I have seen dime mentioned here number of times. What is it?

  2. Hi Pete, Nobody can keep up in the internet age with the volume of words and music and images, so don’t worry…we will wait for you to filter it all or we can offer to help in some way if you wish. Perhaps invent an autoreviewer that will tell you which ones are good or not, or match your current mood, or not??? Cheers, MonkSpheres.

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