Apr 082021

another b3 great, joey defrancesco!  this was actually sitting quietly in a tab in foobar2000 for a while — after giving it another listen, i might just keep that tab open… no seriously,  this is a real picker-upper if you’re feeling a bit lethargic.  good party music too, not that we’re going to a lot of parties just now.  go wild!

joey defrancesco trio
duc des lombards
paris, france
11 may 2015
early set

joey defrancesco, hammond b-3 organ, trumpet, vocals
dan wilson, guitar
jason brown, drums

01- ut
02- ut
03- up jump spring
04- i wish your love
05- who shot john ?
06- ut
07- ut

68 minutes

source : tsf, fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: JoeyDeFrancesco_2015-08-11_DucdesLombards_t05_256k
download: JoeyDeFrancesco_2015-08-11_DucdesLombards_ParisFrance.zip