May 262021

here’s one of two ronnie cuber shows that i have.  a little baritone sax as we roll towards summer.  indeed it almost seemed like summer today, or perhaps that was the summer, and we’re back to our perpetual, wet, spring again.  fingers crossed!

also, i’ve added the same ripped-off image as a floating logo here & on twitter.  it’s a cropped & (un)distorted detail from a photo of viktor schreckengost’s “jazz” punch bowl from 1931, from (used without permission).

ronnie cuber quartet
duc des lombards, paris, france
15 october 2010

ronnie cuber (baritone sax)
michael wolff (piano)
peter herbert (double bass)
jeff boudreaux (drums)

01 all the things you are 9:06
02 unknown 9:34
03 unknown 8:37
04 unknown 9:27
05 miles’ mode 9:06

tt 45:50

fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector align)
broadcast : jazzlive, tsf, 21 oct 2010

sample: pending t02 Unknown 256k.mp3

Apr 242020

this show was a couple of years after les mccann returned to music, several years after his stroke.  it’s a fun show, from a musician who’s back in his groove.  this is the sort of thing i used to listen too all the time, but which i thought of as more blues than jazz mostly.  whatever, running across it on the usb drive was like slipping on a comfortable old pair of trousers.

how’s everybody tonight?  two, three, four, yeah, happy to be here.

also:  where i can’t find an artist’s website, i’ve started adding instead other links, to something hopefully a bit biographical.

les mccann & m’jobi
‘jazz open’
stuttgart, germany
17. juli 2004

les mccann – fender rhodes, voc
ronnie cuber – saxaphone
cornell dupree – guitar
gordon edwards – bass
buddy williams – drums
more musicians (?) unknown

cold duck time
what’s going on
little blue volkswagen car
a little 3/4 for god & co
someday we’ll met again

t.t.: 59′,29”

tv-broadcast>hifi video-master>acoustica wave editor>hd>cdwav>flac frontend level 8>cdr (audio) or cdr (flac)

sample: t01 cold duck time.mp3