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the name of this quartet has for some reason stuck in my head, a tiny bit of viral marketing for me anyway, probably due to associations with bebop, hard bop, post bop… though i don’t get that association, other than the word.  leaving that aside, it is a great name and this is a bit addictive, and long enough (set 1 is 50 mins, set 2 is 37 mins)  good thing it’s a weekend, eh?  having looked online, i suspect this could be broken up into tracks corresponding to pieces from the albums, but i’m of the same mind as punkjazz (who shared this on dime, and speaking of good monikers…): don’t mess with an uninterrupted set.  if they’d wanted tracks, they’d have stopped for a minute.

mathew shipp’s nu-bop quartet
miller theatre
nyc usa
october 27 2007


mathew shipp piano
daniel carter reeds, trumpet, flute, voice
william parker bass
guillermo e brown drums, electronics

2 sets played as continuous pieces……i walked in from intermission just as the 2nd set was starting, so there’s a few minutes where i’m still settling into my seat, and the sound is a bit distant

first set was recorded from the 4th row, 2nd set from the 10th row. somewhat boomy sound on the bass, but otherwise an excellent recording.

sample: set 1 24.00 to 34.00.mp3
download: MatthewShipp_NuBop4tet_2007-10-27_MillerTheatreNYC.zip

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