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julia hülsmann is one of my favorite pianists, but in fairness a lot of that is because of her collaborations with theo bleckmann, who i like partly for his fine versions of songs by brecht, weill, eisler, etc.  but instead of a hülsmann/bleckmann show of weill or brecht covers (tempting! perhaps one of those will come later), here’s a super performance by the julia hülsmann trio.  turns out it’s not all about weill and brecht after all.

julia hülsmann trio
‘the end of a summer’
theater am goetheplatz
bremen, germany

julia hülsmann– p
marc muellbauer – b
heinrich koebberling – dr

disc 1
01. the end of the summer 07_23
02. announcement julia hülsmann 01:21
03. konbanwa 06:49
04. announcement julia hülsmann 00:41
05. kiss from a rose 05:54
06. announcement julia hülsmann 00:18
07. last one out 05:09
08. ulmenwall 07:11
09. announcement julia hülsmann 00:16
10. quint 04:52
11. unknown title 05:57

disc 2
01. announcement julia hülsmann 00:59
02. kauf dir einen bunten luftballon > zahlen bitte 12:08
03. announcement julia hülsmann 01:58
04. senza 06:17
05. gelb 06:37
06. announcement julia hülsmann 01:28
07. rond-point 04:39
08. announcement julia hülsmann 03:06
09. grand canyon 06:00
10. announcement julia hülsmann 00:51
11. whole lotta love 05:12

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium 2300 > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps)


sample: d1t03 konbanwa 06-49.mp3 and d1t07 last one out 05-09.mp3
download: JuliaHuelsmann_2009-03-20_trio_BremenGermany.zip

  6 Responses to “julia hülsmann trio – 20 march 2009, theater am goetheplatz, bremen, germany”

  1. gnpdkokfws

  2. HUGE THX!…

  3. Can you double check the missing track 5 on the second CD? Thanks!

    • no music missing! but indeed, the setlist is messed up and doesn’t give details on disk 2 track 5. that’s from the original (and on the tracker webpage). but fortunately the bold “unclewolfi” included the title in the filename. so i’ve updated the listing above. you’ll have to update your own copy of the info file, though.

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