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here’s another of the shows that i tossed onto the cloud to join the last show, before coming down to madrid.  kind of randomly selected, but this one was a lucky choice.  gilad atzmon plays sax/clarinet, always nice; and i’m a bit of a sucker for accordion & violin – and with piano and a bit of vocals?  getting to be a sizable group, and the changing combinations make this very lively.

this is one of the famous swissbird recordings — a “swissbird, simplexsimplicissimus & supermax release”.  these were shared on dime or before that easytree, and are soundboard recordings.

fun facts to collect and trade with your friends:  start with some background on simplex simplicissimus.  next, you will no doubt want to go to project gutenberg (i know it’s on my e-reader).  then you can browse this  listing of (most if not all) the swissbird recordings.  the recordings span around 30 years, interestingly enough.  collect ’em all!  and i do believe a fair few of us are trying to.

gilad atzmon & orient house ensemble
estival jazz
piazzale alla valle
mendrisio, switzerland
2 july 2005

gilad atzman – alto & soprano saxophone, clarinet
frank harrison – piano, melodica
romano viazzini – accordion
dumitro o. fratila – violin
yaron stavi – bass
asaf sirkis – drums, bandir
gulliermo ariel rozenthuler – vocals

01. joven, hermosa y triste [6:57]
02. liberating the american people (atzmon) [19:54]
03. re-arranging the 20th century (atzmon) [5:25] (dedicated to bbs [bush, blair & sharon])
04. mack the knife (weill-brecht) [2:16]
05. musik (medley i) [4:25]
06. musik (medley ii) [6:17]
07. lili marleen (leip-schultze) [3:34]
08. musik (medley iii) [7:22]
09. musik (medley iv) [8:39]
10. band intros and exit music [2:39]

tt 1:07:33

soundboard > dat > wave > flac frontend
(align on sector boundaries level 8)

a swissbird, simplexsimplicissimus & supermax release

sample: t03 re-arranging the 20th century.mp3 and t08 musik (medley iii).mp3
download: GiladAtzmon_OHE_2005-07-02_EstivalJazz_MendrisioSwitzerland.zip

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