Jun 162019

these guys seem associated with smalls, in nyc; ‘letsgo’ even shared this on dime as ‘smalls live’.  smalls sounds like quite the place, and their practice of streaming the shows (for free!) is extraordinary.  though the 5-hour time difference makes even a 19:30 show at bit late, starting at half past midnight here.  “where you live is a lifestyle choice”, so this is a seriously first-world problem.

spike wilner | peter bernstein | joel frahm
automne club
festival jazz sur son 31
toulouse, france
20 october 2016

spike wilner (piano)
joel frahm (tenor saxophone)
peter bernstein (guitar)
tyler mitchell (double bass)
anthony pinciotti (drums)
guest on n° 14 : jerome barde (french guitarist who opened with his band) [bandcamp]

01 intro
02 iceberg slim
03 talk
04 hopscotch
05 talk
06 trick baby
07 talk
08 warm valley
09 talk and band intro
10 you
11 talk
12 upsaka
13 talk
14 blues for the common man
15 audience and talk
16 a stich in time

tt 1:59:06

recorded from 5th row, facing left pa with :
2 x dpa 4099 supercard mics – dad6001 – zoom h5 (48/24), phantom on.
downsampled 44/16 wav to pc, audacity (applauses declicks, volume adjustments, just a bit of eq, tracks), flac 8 (tlh).

this band is a fantastic jazz machine, with incredible musical level of each member.
they played 2 hours, showing us how to do, what a treat being there !

france musique recorded them for a sheduled jazz club, but this radio show is only 1 hour now.

sample: t04 hopscotch.mp3
download: SpikeWilner_PeterBernstein_Joel_Frahm_2016-10-20_ToulouseFrance.zip

Aug 152014

well, august turns out to be a slow month on this blog, but not as slow as last year when we moved to korea.

here’s one that i downloaded just over 3 years ago, and was listening to this morning.  very nice.  as always, the description below is copied almost unmodified from the original info file.


jimmy cobb’s mob
new york city, ny
24 june 1999

richard wyands (piano)
peter bernstein (guitar)
john webber (bass)
jimmy cobb (drums)

cd 1:
track 1: love walked in – 13:13
track 2: say, little mama, say – 10:10
track 3: delilah – 11:40
track 4: this i dig of you – 7:38
track 5: jimmy’s blues – 3:14
track 6: interview – 16:21
cd 2:
track 1: sweet and lovely – 11:27
track 2: will you still be mine – 11:14
track 3: isn’t it a lovely day? – 8:58
track 4: gingerbread boy – 10:01
track 5: vida blue – 10:07
track 6: the theme – 4:16

lineage: unknown (sounds like a fm recording) –> cd-r  –> hard disc –> tlh (flac 8)

very good sound quality!

sample:  cd1 t5 jimmy’s blues.mp3

download: JimmyCobb_1999-06-24_NYC.zip