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here’s another musician that i don’t have a lot by.  this full show (early & late sets) was seeded by ‘mottsmcg’ on dime in 2015.  according to robert glasper’s website, he’s performing in dublin in july, but as the robert glasper experiment, which is rather different than the robert glasper trio which we have here.  with luck he’ll come back to dublin in a “trio” incarnation.  rather nice having that sort of breadth of styles, even if you prefer one of them, isn’t it?
vicente archer

robert glasper trio
village vanguard
new york ny
24 february 2015

piano – robert glasper
bass – vicente archer
drums – damion reid

early set
t00 intro applause and r. glasper announcement
t01 sign ‘o the times – prince
t02 unknown
t03 applause and r. glasper announcement
t04 unknown
t05 unknown
t06 applause and r. glasper announcement
t07 levels – bilal

late set
t00 applause and r. glasper announcement
t01 bar and grill – j. mitchell
t02 rise and shine – r. glasper
t03 unknown
t04 unknown
t05 applause and r. glasper announcement
t06 unknown

source information: audience recording using sony pcm-m10 with internal mics; recorded at 44.1khz / 16-bit depth.

additional notes: these were seeded on dime on 26-feb-2015 (early show, seed #523771) and 6-apr-2015 (late show, seed #523771) by mottsmcg. the early show has a file or two with the wrong date (the 25th), but they are both from the same night, 24-feb-2015. i created new ffp and md5 files in addition to this combined info file, but all original files are unchanged.

sample: s1t01 sign ‘o the times.mp3
download: RobertGlasper_2015-02-24_VillageVanguardNYC

covers by pete

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  1. !nqOlHJPJv-u4KlRItvwpbQ6XefoEa6owMXeRdQWHRdI

  2. great one!…
    BIG THX!…

  3. Thanks a lot, Ilistened to the sample….couldn’t resist !!

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