Sep 162018

this is a bit of a large download, at 1.3 gb, and will take a while, but it’s at 24 bits – 48 khz.  i was going to downsample it, but (obviously) decided not to.  this is a lovely show, but given the equipment that i use, there’s not really a payback in sound quality for the additional file size at 24/48.  and it is good, like the other shows from sunside that i’ve downloaded.  if i make it to paris instead of madrid, sunside is on my to-do list.  for now, it’s a stroll over to clamores jazz or bogui jazz whenever i’m down from dublin (as just this moment); a change of pace from my usual haunts.

ralph alessi quartet
paris, france
15 october 2014

ralph alessi – trumpet
nasheet waits – drums
drew gress – bass
gary versace – piano

set 1 :
01- low
02- banter
03- dog waking
04- a plenty
05- in flight entertainement
06- ut
07- i hear a rhapsody / ut
(66 minutes)

set 2 :
08- twisty
09- throwing like a girl
10- snape hip waltz
11- banter
12- i go you go
13- ut
14- duo
(60 minutes)

encore –
15- ut
(5 mins)

tt 2:11:13

source : ca-14 / ca-9100 pre-amp / rh-09r / audacity / flac 8 (24 bits – 48 khz)

sample:  set 1 track06.mp3

May 292017

it’s a bit of a busy time around here, so posts will be a bit irregular for the next while until we finish our move.  why not a bit of fred hersch to help me focus?  enjoy.

fred hersch trio
amsterdam, the netherlands
11 july 2009

fred hersch – piano
john hebert – bass
nasheet waits – drums

first set
01. the man i love – 9:11
02. endless start – 7:34
03. black dog pays a visit/lonely woman (ornette coleman) – 22:49
04. mandevilla (hersch) – 6:57
05. some other time – 8:30
06. change partners – 7:46

second set
07. (improvisaion) – 9:48
08. still here (hersch) – 8:18
09. forerunner (ornette coleman) – 7:28
10. the wind (russ freeman)/moon and sand (alec wiler) – 12:38
11. stuttering (hersch) – 7:02
12. work – 5:34

total time = 113 minutes

radio broadcast -> cdr trade -> eac -> wav -> tlh -> flac

sample: t10 the wind – moon and sand.mp3

no covers.

Nov 272016

avishai-cohen-july-2016-front-coveravishai cohen (trumpet, not bass) is someone who only came to my attention last summer, which seems already so far away as we have the first snow of the season.  he’s phenomenal, how can i have missed this guy for so long?  time to start listening to more radio again, maybe wpfw-fm online (an old favorite from my days in washington dc).

the shows that i have are all mp2 or video, so that’s what here.  first, we have an hour & a quarter in montreux last summer, and then a bonus since mp2 takes so little space:  a short video from porquerolles just two days before that (i’ve also demuxed the audio for you, but haven’t the patience this week for tracking it).   the disk cover uses a screenshot from the porquerolles video.

btw, most of avishai cohen’s cds are available on anzic records through bandcamp.

avishai cohen quartet

avishai cohen, trumpet
yonathan avishai, piano
barak mori, bass
nasheet waits, drums

10 july 2016

01 april in paris
02 announcements
03 life and death
04 dream like a child
05 into the silence / quiescence
06 announcements
07 behind the broken glass
08 life and death – epilogue

tt 1:16:29
source: france musique (dvbs, mp2, 256 kbps) / mp3directcut / mp2
– – – – – – – – –
jazzfestival in porquerolles
fort sainte agathe – island of porquerolles, france
8 july 2016

no setlist

total-time: 23:00.24
video (.mp4) with demux to .m4a audio

sample: t03 life and death.mp3