May 292017

it’s a bit of a busy time around here, so posts will be a bit irregular for the next while until we finish our move.  why not a bit of fred hersch to help me focus?  enjoy.

fred hersch trio
amsterdam, the netherlands
11 july 2009

fred hersch – piano
john hebert – bass
nasheet waits – drums

first set
01. the man i love – 9:11
02. endless start – 7:34
03. black dog pays a visit/lonely woman (ornette coleman) – 22:49
04. mandevilla (hersch) – 6:57
05. some other time – 8:30
06. change partners – 7:46

second set
07. (improvisaion) – 9:48
08. still here (hersch) – 8:18
09. forerunner (ornette coleman) – 7:28
10. the wind (russ freeman)/moon and sand (alec wiler) – 12:38
11. stuttering (hersch) – 7:02
12. work – 5:34

total time = 113 minutes

radio broadcast -> cdr trade -> eac -> wav -> tlh -> flac

sample: t10 the wind – moon and sand.mp3

no covers.

  8 Responses to “fred hersch trio – 11 july 2009, bimhuis, amsterdam, the netherlands”

  1. !2xwASUVGE9nP_EtZcDxhnYYCPvx8mUQ7-VSUsat9Ha8

  2. Hi Pete, Thanks very much for the Fred, always welcome, and good luck with the move, wherever it may be to!!! Don’t stay away too long, we’ll miss you…Cheers, Sphere

  3. Thanks Pete, I very much enjoy Hersch’s playing and after listening to your sample I had to download the session.I hope your move goes well and you are soon ensconced in your new pad. Best wishes.

  4. BIG THX!…

  5. Come posso ottenere la chiave di decrittazione?

    • ciao gaetano,

      the decryption key is in the first comment
      in google translate we trust…

      la chiave di decrittazione è nel primo commento

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